3D Renderings Styled for your Target Audience?

Good 3d visualisation can be a critical element to any marketing campaign. But how do you style your 3d renderings to attract your target audience and stand out from the crowd?.

Firstly, its important that you have a clear, attractive and coherent marketing campaign aimed at a specific target audience to start with. Within this campaign you should ensure that all the various elements are matching and work with each other. For example, make sure the design of your website complements the design of your brochure and billboards etc. Use the same fonts and colour schemes.


Once the style and design of the marketing material has been determined its time to start thinking about the 3d visualisation. Many people think that a 3d rendering is a 3d rendering and that it purely depicts the architectural design of a building as if it were in real life…. which is true, but…we are capable of much more than that! At Jironomo we work closely with our clients so that we understand what the intended purpose of the 3d imagery is. We then work out a solution that will achieve the best results for that intended purpose.


Lets say a client comes to us and asks for a set of still images to use within their marketing and promotional material for a new project they are working on. The project is a funky, inner city, modern apartment building. They want to target young professionals who work in and around the area. Therefore it is necessary to tailor the 3d renderings to appeal to that particular target audience. There are many subtle ways to achieve this. A 3d rendering is like any art form…it can be styled in a particular fashion to achieve a specific point of view. I won’t get into the specifics of how this is done…as each project and target audience is different and requires a varying approach.


Just like all forms of communication and advertising, 3d rendering can be stylised to achieve better results. A good 3d visualisation studio will understand the concepts of advertising and will work closely with their clients to create the best possible images. After all, the main purpose of 3d visualisation is to express a design in a manner that most successfully achieves the desired result.

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