Whats the Best Angle for your 3D Rendering?

Choosing the best angle to create a 3d rendering from is one of the most important parts of creating a great image. Whats the secret?


Experience! The ability to be able to assess the project and the architecture and determine what will be the “money shot”. A solid background in architecture and architectural photography is a great bonus in this regard. By studying the work of some of the great architectural photographers from the last 60 years it is possible to use specific techniques to create that magic image.


Each building and scene is different and requires and individual approach. For every project there will be a different solution. And often projects require several solutions. It is essential to experiment with various angles before choosing the best one. Factors such as lighting and background are important in determining which perspectives will look the best. It is also very important to take into consideration the brief of the project, often 3d renderings will be used for building applications and a certain angle will be required.


In general, the more interesting and aesthetically pleasing an image is – the more sucessful it will be in marketing a property. It is the design and the form of the building which dictates the position of the camera in most cases. And it is the skill and experience of the 3d visualiser to be able to realise the potential in each individual building.


In the case of 3d architectural animations, it is more of a cinematic camera track that is used to express the design. In these projects a detailed storyboard is used to accurately plan each scene in the film. It’s in these projects that experience and talent really become necessary.

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