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Vray Proxy Tutorial - How to Create and Use a Vray Proxy

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a vray proxy so that you can drop it into your scene with all the materials already applied!




Vray Z-depth and Photoshop Depth of Field Tutorial.
A tutorial explaining how to use the vray zdepth render element to create depth of field in photoshop.

Vray Render Elements Tutorial

A tutorial explaining what the vray render elements are and how to use them.

Animation Workflow Process

A brief tutorial explaining the typical workflow process that we at Jironomo
undertake when we create architectural animations.

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Recent Work

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Architectural visualisation & 3d rendering for a target audience
3d renderings styled for your target audience?

Good 3d visualisation can be a critical element to any marketing campaign. But how do you style your 3d renderings to attract your target audience and stand out from the crowd? Read more

3d architectural rendering angle?
What's the best angle for your 3d rendering?

Choosing the best camera angle to create a 3d rendering from is one of the most important parts of creating a great image. Whats the secret?
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Australian 3d visualisation
Australian 3D Visualisation

How does the Australian 3D architectural visualisation industry stack up compared to the rest of the world?
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3d rendering Quality v Price
Quality v Price?

3D architectural visualisation is a highly specialised art. And with an ever increasing industry of 3d rendering wannabees emerging, its crucial to make sure your getting quality images.
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