Panasonic Lumix TZ-15


We have just bought another camera - the Panasonic Lumix TZ-15. Why do we need another camera? Good question!

The tz-15 has heaps of great features and is a really great little camera. We have been using it for a range of applications. The most noteworthy of its features are the 28mm wide angles lens and the 10x optical zoom. It also has the famed Leica lens, a 3 inch screen and is capable of recording HD video. I won't bore you with all the can check them out at the Panasonic site.

Becasue Jironomo is an architectural visualisation company...we will review this camera for architectural visualisation purposes. As a personal camera used for taking photos of your friends and while on is probably overkill. But will certainly make your photos look great. As an architectural visualisation tool it is a little bit undercooked. While it does produce high resolution images (around 3000 px wide) at 10MP it is not as advanced as some of the more expensive professional cameras. But if your on a budget you can definitely get away with using the Lumix.

As architectural visualisers we find ourselves using cameras for many reasons... photos of textures, photos of plants, trees and leaves, and also for photomontage work. While the Lumic performs admirably in all of these circumstances, as usual there are better products out there. But for the price (around $600) it is a really good "keep in the car" type of camera for when you see an awesome concrete wall or brick texture that you just have to have!

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